Where do I write? (In just 200 words)

Most of my writing happens on my bed, be it on my laptop, or on my tablet.
It just seems to be the most common place for me to place down all my ideas.
If anything I find that putting them into Day One, first, helps me see what direction I’m trying to tackle.

As for the last few days, I’ve unfortunately skipped on writing anything of significance. My attention has either been funnelled between work, tweets, or facebook statuses.

Exhibit A:

If the haze doesn't kill me, at least the jokes will.

Posted by Daliso Ngoma on Monday, September 14, 2015

And trust me, these kinds of statuses just pop up depending on the situation. Currently the haze situation in Malaysia is quite bad, but it’s an annual event though, that doesn’t get old.

So from this day forth, nothing will really change in the way that I write and the location of it all, but the key thing to do will be to keep this kind of thing more habitual as I’ve been slacking on the Blogging and Writing 101 tasks.

I’m trying out PollDaddy, just to see how well it works for polling:

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