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Update (15th Oct 2016): Been really busy, so once I actually get time to touch on Sketch I’ll be sure to drop a solution if it crops up. Update (27th May 2016): I’ve simplified the steps, but this post needs a rewrite. To see the new set of steps you can start from Step 3 below. I’ve yet to see… Read more →

Progress on Ionic and Blogging

So much for a project being pushed out soon enough, hey? During the time of trying to figure out what to start something, I unfortunately got caught up trying to look for a job and that left Ionic to curb. Just the other day I was doing a test for one company which needed a native app built, and that… Read more →

Did My First Photoshoot Yesterday

And it was GREAT! So the story starts that I was tagging along with Nobie to a photoshoot that she wanted done. Went to the studio. Was trying to kill time by reading a book Took an hour’s nap. Was asked to have a few shots done. Got videoed in the process (will update with the video, if it comes… Read more →

@Shopprapp? Challenge Accepted!

Alright, so progress on the Iconic Framework has been 0%, BUT I have had the chance to push myself to learn more Swift. This time round it was due to my friend, Kevin who’s an Android Developer, asking if I could join his company as an Android programmer, Shoppr. Thus I’m still tried my luck in taking on the challenge… Read more →

Building Mobile Applications with Iconic

Right now I’m learning more skills as I’m currently done with my degree studies. To note, for my Final Year Project, the thesis that is required by the end of your degree studies, I learnt to use Swift and it is quite fun due to the fact that you can run it using a REPL in conjuction with a feature… Read more →

Testing 1 2 3

Hello There Is This Actually Working. Hopefully this Succeeds. This is just me testing out Markdown. Mission Accomplished, with the help of Jetpack for WordPress. This is the test code: # Hello There ## Is This Actually Working. ### Hopefully this Succeeds. This is just me testing out [Markdown]( “Markdown”). Mission Accomplished, with the help of [Jetpack for WordPress]( “Jetpack”). Read more →

Hello, World!

Hello, World This wouldn’t be my first blog post, but let’s just pretend that it is. Right now I’m just giving WordPress a go, again, whilst learning how I can do cool things with it and blogging my progress about various things in my life. Plus I’ve been paying for hosting for nearly two years and pretty much been burning… Read more →