Why You Should Blog

A good reason is that it makes it easier for people to find solutions or look for past experiences that they might want to know about. It is quite silly, because it was the very things I was posting anyway but it seemed less obvious at the time.

This came as a HUGE revelation when I was trying to research for hiking trials in Kuala Lumpur, where I currently stay. And the information that was found either came out sparse, or had not been updated in over a year or so.

Thus it sort of pushes one to publish something more contextual to the current time, and probably a bit more guided for beginners.

It’s a bit embarrassing that my most popular blog post to date is Use .@SketchApp past the 30 day trial! which is a way of using an application past its trial period expires, but it does the job of what people are looking for and that’s using a great piece of software past its free for use date.

For now I will try my best to post a bit more, but also keeping it short and straight to the point wherever possible.

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