An Ode to 2015

So 2015 flew by

A friend I had to let go.
It taught me a few lessons,
I’ll remember them so.
And so many things that had to happen in December.
A new passport, an old place rekindled from my you.
A chance to reflect, and to be bold.

I’m sorry 2015, but I’ve got to let you go.
You got me my first job, you got me a better house.
I’ve got better housemates because of you.

For 2016, a new love. One I shall let grow.
The year is still aplenty,
Or so I’ve been told.
2015, you treated me well.
I’ll not forget your lessons.

But like as I started,
I have to let you go.
So that would be my final goodbye,
My dear friend.
The end.

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