How to make Apple Development Fun

There is so much I can say about the aforementioned tweet which can even touch on the things learnt, and not used at all, and the things learnt, used and still more to be learnt.

It would be a bit false to say that Apple Development isn’t fun already, but there is always room for someone to help out in the community. And that’s what my hope for BrewingCooca: A way of making Apple development simpler to learn.

The thought had been lingering in the back of mind for quite some time, and I even tweeted about it a while back but not too sure how I could go about helping others know about this great thing that was discovered so late in my life (and I’m just 23 this year).

As it stands I don’t even have a venue, I don’t even have a set of people to talk to but at the time of this writing I’ve already bought the domain name, and created accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and even the barely active Google Plus.

And to kick things off the first tweet was sent with a bit of coding earlier today, which I hope turns into more probing here and there in order to create some cool apps.

For now the first line of business would be to see who is keen on learning about Apple development, and if that fails to happen I’ll continue to blog about it for as long as I can.

If anything I’m looking for the willing, and even the curious but I don’t expect everybody to code. The most important thing would be to learn how to think, and probably be more aware about the technology around you.

This tweet would probably sum up my thoughts on advocating that everyone should learn how to code.

But for now I’ll try and do my part for the bigger picture at hand of striving for a better right now, and for the betterment of us all. So far I’m still enjoying the tasks that Writing 101 and Blogging 101 have been able to provide. Let’s see what the next big thing might be.

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