Focusing Ahead

** Update (12th Feb 2016): ** Honestly I’ll just write and most probably someone will find it on Google, and probably find it useful. So the focus will likely be more iOS than anything, but other posts aren’t exempted.

Also the website to teach iOS Dev… It’s called

Just you all wait, and read.

To keep it short, I’m jumping around on a few things at this moment and yet to set focus on what I really want to write about. I suppose the current featured picture would be appropriate in showing that it’s either going to be a soft landing or a stumble into a rocky demise, if I’m not quick enough to react.

Thus I’m looking into how I can focus my future posts on this blog, which right now makes more sense to keep strictly personal in content, which should make following Blogging 101 and Writing 101 more of a breeze. So for now it seems I’ll be making amendments to earlier post, and probably produce more quality writing in the remaining weeks left in either course.

So I’ll be spinning off a new blog that would focus more towards the technical/development side of OS X, iOS, and most recently tvOS, which should provide a clearer means of helping people who wouldn’t have to read through posts that don’t seem as relevant as one would expect.

Right now I’m yet to buy the new domain name for the blog, and yet to let you all know as to what it will be called as the domain name say it all. I, myself, think it’s quite unique in it’s own right, and I hope it makes sense to you all soon enough.

On another note, needing to devise a better way of sleeping early. These late nights are soon going to be the death of me.

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