If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know

My name is Daliso Joshua Ngoma, a Homo sapien and a curious soul.

  • Born on 7th June 1992 in Kalulushi, Zambia but now a South African Citizen.
  • Been in love with IT ever since I was around 6 years old, if I’m not mistaken.
  • Currently working at a company called [Ebizu](http://www.ebizu.com) as an iOS Developer.
  • Most of the time I prefer reading, but do get out quite a lot as well to a new cafe or some startup related event around Kuala Lumpur.
  • If anything the people I would like to meet are people who also read, and think critically.
  • I’m also an avid runner, I’m quite slow, but I still enjoy it. My average time per KM is around 6, but improving.
  • And prone to make typos. A whole lot of them.

I’m quite active on social media.

If anything, I usually keep things:

  • Light hearted on Facebook
  • Opinionated on Twitter
  • Business like on LinkedIn
  • Silly on Snapchat
  • Random on Instagram
  • Childlike on new social platforms

The reason why I choose to blog is to help myself write more clearly, and to share what I know within my little world which is currently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I do journal in Day One from time to time, but those posts wouldn’t worth anybody’s salt to read.

I’ll blogging about:

  • Swift
    It’s a programming language that came out from Apple in 2014 to build applications for OS X (Apple’s Desktop Operating System) and iOS (Apple’s Mobile Operating System). It will hopefully be open sourced for Linux in the coming weeks, so that will be something interesting to look out for.

  • Technology
    This will be more general than anything else, so if there is a cool piece of technology I’ll try my best to share it on here and not on twitter.

  • Apple
    Yes I’m a fan boy, and I’m drinking their 100% fruit juice, way better than other tech kool-aid.

In my possession right now:
– An iPad mini (1st Gen).
– A MacBook Air 13 inch, mid-2013 model.

  • How To Do Something
    Well as much I wish life were made easy, unfortunately it is not. Which, to be honest, is a good thing, in my personal opinion. So the guides I’ll write will be more technical but will hopefully help even non-tech people in whatever they’re doing.

  • Some random post concerning my life
    Which I think this post would entail. So from time to time I’ll probably share a bit more about my life, but I’ll most keep that to a minimum, if possible. But who knows?

Hopefully you’ve gotten the pattern of what to expect next.
Cool people of the Internet, stay tuned.

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