Why Do I Write? (Written in 30 mins)

“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.” – George Orwell

So why do I want to write? The fact is that my mind is filled with all these ideas of one form or another that I’m usually able to articulate in person, but not in written word. So no lies to be exposed here, maybe in the later future.

For all that I put down in text I usually see it as being garbled and thus that is the one reason why I write. I write to see clearly.

I’m currently subscribed to Writing 101 and Blogging 101 from WordPress and want see if this would help me in being a better writer of words, but maybe even a better writer of code.

I write because helping people has always been something I’ve wanted to endeavour for. Just knowing someone has been helped with what has been splashed in this post would probably give me joy knowing that they could possibly pass on that knowledge and have the enduring effect of positive growth in their own pursuit of a better tomorrow rather than me not writing this and hoarding this information all to myself.

Probably in a 30 min stunt I can put down quite a bit of what can be seen in the future, but the beauty is that the future is unknown. It’s one that evades us in our walk of life. Each one seeking a purpose, or more the case of having the privilege of being able to seek one.

The reason why I started out with the quote by Orwell was due to the fact that I’m currently reading 1984, but even then the mere fact that what I write is not a master piece. It really isn’t. It’s an attempt of propagating what has already been muttered or just been jumping around the back of my head.

Currently I’m programming for a living, a simple 9 to 6 job which gets me to better my technical side of things but also cultivating the creative end which is still an enduring task of doing things that I would normally not do, like blogging. Also another case of me writing is trying to make out what other people’s perceptions are in one form or another.

There is really not that much that that can be said, I feel I’m being quite dry on this end but it’s a manner of trying to do something new. I’m thinking on how I could end this but the free flow of ideas has been the task assigned to me for now. Probably by the time I’m done writing this all down I’ll have to go through the task of editing this post to make sure there aren’t any mistakes and to make sure my message is communicated a bit more clearly.

I write because I want the world to know me, and me to know the world. To dive head first into it’s quirks and all it’s joyous parts. What more can be expected of life than to try and see how far human endeavour can go.

So there I am, sitting in front of my MacBook Air, typing, typing, typing away to see what might come next and what will hopefully not end in despair. Thus my next writing would probably be more of a polish up on a quick guide on Mac OS X (the primary operating system found on Apple products) keyboard shortcuts as they generally speed up the way you do things when using a Mac rather than taking your cursor around the screen trying to poke around for options here and there which generally take a bit longer to perform of the long run. Even my last guide was about being a faster typer. Not the most detailed of posts, but hopefully it’s helped someone.

Generally when I do write I don’t write for likes, I write because I read, and with what I read I want to write and what I write I want to be read. And that is what is being done and said.

Ok, the last paragraph was bit out there but so what, who cares? It’s my words, and my style and a way of trying to put my mind at ease. Sometimes when looking at the fact that I studied towards a degree in Software Engineering I feel dumb not understanding some of the fundamentals. Right now going through a Stanford course on iOS development, but on the side also taking an edX.org class from MIT which would help in better understanding the fundamentals of Computer Science. For now it’s a matter of one step at time, one word at a time, and one post at a time.

Truly there is a sort of relief knowing that I’ve done this task for today, and seeing as to what I’ve produced. To anybody reading, this is just a case me writing down thoughts and nothing more. I also find it weird how I can stay up for an event which I know I’ll be able to get the details of later but would still stay up just to know that I’ve heard it from the source rather than a third party. The event I’m talking about is the unveiling of the new iPhone, and possibly the announcement of new iPads as well. The best part of the event are the tweets at the time. As a matter of respect to my followers there is usually just a select set of tweets which are retweeted to avoid a flood which I would also find irritating if I was on the receiving end.

Probably I’ll write about my impressions of the new iPhone, how it would fit into our lives, how it would turn out to change the way we program ,and probably even looking towards competitors who could offer something unique. Just recently the likes of Sony released their Z5 flagship phone with a 4K display screen. I don’t see as to why one would need a 4K display on their phone, but hey why the hell not?!

I’m tempted right now to check how much time I have left to write, but that would disturb the flow of how things go. I like hip-hop, and house. I’m saying it because I enjoy the beat of the music. The lyrics on the other hand, unfortunately in hip hop, are quite often crude at times but some really deliver a good set of punchlines that can leave you wanting to recite them from time to time. Even though Bob Marley was the one who coined the following phrase, Drake was able to make it memorable for me. And the phrase would be: “One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” Which is true, there are those tracks that really hit you, but in a good way.

Alright, I think I might be done soon. Talking to myself that is. For now taking a picture of where I am writing this right now, just for the sake of having a featured picture on my post.

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