Month: September 2015

Where do I write? (In just 200 words)

Most of my writing happens on my bed, be it on my laptop, or on my tablet. It just seems to be the most common place for me to place down all my ideas. If anything I find that putting them into Day One, first, helps me see what direction I’m trying to tackle. As for the last few days,… Read more →

How to make Apple Development Fun

You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all. — EJ Koh (@thisisEJKoh) January 7, 2014 There is so much I can say about the aforementioned tweet which can even touch on the things learnt, and not used at all, and the things learnt,… Read more →

Focusing Ahead

** Update (12th Feb 2016): ** Honestly I’ll just write and most probably someone will find it on Google, and probably find it useful. So the focus will likely be more iOS than anything, but other posts aren’t exempted. Also the website to teach iOS Dev… It’s called Just you all wait, and read. To keep it short, I’m… Read more →


There is: No secret, if it is spoken. No healing, if it is broken. No peace, if it is awoken. So please, just stop it. So I, can drop it. So nothing becomes apart of it. So this can have some art in it. There it is, and there it ends. There he speaks, and there they bend. To see… Read more →

If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know

My name is Daliso Joshua Ngoma, a Homo sapien and a curious soul. Born on 7th June 1992 in Kalulushi, Zambia but now a South African Citizen. Been in love with IT ever since I was around 6 years old, if I’m not mistaken. Currently working at a company called [Ebizu]( as an iOS Developer. Most of the time I… Read more →

Sketch App Logo

Use .@SketchApp past the 30 day trial!

Update (15th Oct 2016): Been really busy, so once I actually get time to touch on Sketch I’ll be sure to drop a solution if it crops up. Update (27th May 2016): I’ve simplified the steps, but this post needs a rewrite. To see the new set of steps you can start from Step 3 below. I’ve yet to see… Read more →