Month: July 2015

Progress on Ionic and Blogging

So much for a project being pushed out soon enough, hey? During the time of trying to figure out what to start something, I unfortunately got caught up trying to look for a job and that left Ionic to curb. Just the other day I was doing a test for one company which needed a native app built, and that… Read more →

Did My First Photoshoot Yesterday

And it was GREAT! So the story starts that I was tagging along with Nobie to a photoshoot that she wanted done. Went to the studio. Was trying to kill time by reading a book Took an hour’s nap. Was asked to have a few shots done. Got videoed in the process (will update with the video, if it comes… Read more →

@Shopprapp? Challenge Accepted!

Alright, so progress on the Iconic Framework has been 0%, BUT I have had the chance to push myself to learn more Swift. This time round it was due to my friend, Kevin who’s an Android Developer, asking if I could join his company as an Android programmer, Shoppr. Thus I’m still tried my luck in taking on the challenge… Read more →